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Exclusive meats, natural spices and flavoured ingredients have established the special taste of Kar Food Manufacture’s products. With EU and APPCC certificates and a daily control of the raw ingredients by our qualified personnel, we can guarantee a stable taste and a top quality of our products.


Kar Food Manufactura

A business with a long tradition

Since decades we are established with a reputation of top producers of Kebap. We started with the traditional production of Döner Kebap for restaurants.

On demand to have a softer Döner Kebap , we have extended our assortment with Döner chicken and turkey Döner. Later we have extended our assortment with chicken and turkey Döner.

While experiencing the increasing demand for essential pre-cooked products, it was the right time to start our own brand of KEBAP`sa convenience food.

Our product range has extended from Kebap, Nuggets, burgers and meatless Falafel, to mention just a few.

We have adopted our production line to the requirements of our customers offering products without additives, for people with food allergies and gluten-free, so everybody can appreciate our food.

Through our own fleet and commercial enterprises, we can ship products both domestically and internationally..

Get it touch with us and experience the exceptional taste of Kar Food Manufacture’s products.


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